The Coronado Neighborhood Council is a voluntary community-based organization comprised of residents, property owners and business entrepreneuers within the neighborhood.

The Council, incorporated in 1957, was specifically organized to provide citizens a means to express concerns and needs of our community, and to channel those concerns into constructive action. Furthermore, the Council is committed to the goals of enhancing the future growth of the neighhorhood and its residents.

Listed are some accomplishments of the Coronado Neighborhood Council:
  • Installation of traffic diverters throughout the neighborhood that slowed down speeders and reduced traffic accidents.

  • Installation of Stop Signs, Street Sweeping Signs, and Neighborhood Watch Signs throughout the community.

  • Installation of additional street lights in some areas of Coronado.

  • Successfully down-zoned portions of the neighborhood to R-1 Single Family dewelling.

  • Prevented the location of a one hundred and six (106) unit apartment building, a night club and a funeral home within the neighborhood.

  • Coronado's residents actively participates in the City's Crime prevention program.

  • Worked with the Guardians of Justice to help supply Christmas baskets for needy families.

  • Currently working with the School Board, for the rebuilding of Coronado and Nystrom Elementary Schools.

  • Currently working with the Richmond Community Foundation, The City of Richmond, (N.U.R.V.E.) Nystrom United Revitalization Effort, on a project that will bring new housing,a new Football,Track and Soccer field.

  • Coronado's largest project and our passion is The Scholarship Fund which was established in 1975.